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Water Treatment Plant

We are the India's largest Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Mumbai who connects the Buyers and Sellers altogether. We also supply and export the water thermal or treatment plants in many parts of India.

The plants are in big demands especially for the

station sewage treatment

industrial water waste

factories sewage

municipal sewage

We provide our services with proper implementation of the innovative technology in the design as well as the development of the treatment plants. We have also enhanced the capabilities of our manufactures water treatment plants which eliminate OD, NH3-N, COD etc.

Our Water Treatment Plants are strongly made up of a high 10000-200000 l/hr of water treatment capacity. 2.5 KW rated power as well as the 380 V/50 HZ of power supply requirements which make our equipment a cost effective solution for waste water treatment.

The features and properties of a plant include:

Uniform Painted Steel Frame

High-Pressure Switch

Automatic Motor Starter

Liquid filled pressure gauge