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# Year Project Name Details
1 2003 VAID ELASTOMER (RUBBER) Supply and installation of unique 2 stage steam separator led to improvement in product quality eliminating water marks on finished rubber prodcuts
2 2004 GALAXY SURFACTANTS (CHEMICAL) Installation of 4 lac kcal/hr heater with booster pump system led to productivity improvements (operation of 3 reactors simultaneously with 1 heater)
3 2004 HOTEL GAUTAM (MAHABALESHWAR) Installation of 1 lac kcal/hr HWG with calorifier – Implementation of hot water return system led to elimination of hot water supply to individual rooms
4 2005 NAIK SEA FOODS (RATNAGIRI) Installation of HWG in sea-food application – Food processing using hot water
5 2005 CASTLEROCK FISHERIES Installation of steam boiler for first time in packaged ready to eat foods for export
6 2005 BHARAT BIJLEE LTD. Installation of high flow thermic fluid booster pump for ovens led to increases in productivity
7 2006 BASF INDIA LTD. Installation of 10 lac kcal/hr TF heater under specs. From Pipecon consultants including heater room + structure supported chimney of 500 m ID
8 2006 MALLAK SPECIALITIES Installation of coal fired heater and IBR steam boiler for pthalocynine blue with steam injected hot water system
9 2006 H R JOHNSON Installation of 3 lac kcal/hr HWG for LPG vaporization
10 2006 VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES Installation of steam injected HWG system – IBR
11 2006 SKY INDUSTRIES Installation of 6 lac kcal/hr PHW resulted in substantial savings of cost from changeover form steam to Pressurised hot water
12 2007 APCOTEX INDUSTRIES LTD. Installation of 3 TPH IBR steam boiler with HMI panel with Thermax make PRS
13 2007 VACUUM PLANT (A/C SIEMENS) Installation of TF system centralized on similar lines as Bharat Bijlee Ltd. For vacuum drying ovens for transformer and installation of 42 mtr self supported chimney of 450 mm ID
14 2007 LUBRIZOL INDIA P. LTD. Consultancy job for installation of TPC 20 with centralized TF system
15 2007 NIKITA PLAST (DAMAN) Installation of 4 lac kcal/hr TF heater involving conversion from electrical to TF heating for pouch lamination application
16 2007 MANGAL SINGH BROS. LTD. Installation of IBR 1.5 TPH steam boiler for vulcanization of Apron cots (import substitution item) using innovative steam nest technique internal to vulcaniser with 450 ID self supported chimney
17 2007 CRODA CHEMICALS P. LTD. Installation of 5 TPH Steam boiler
18 2008 CROWN CORRUGATORS Installation of solid fuel fired 2 lac kcal/hr thermic heater involving corrugation machines with conversion from electrical to TF
19 2007 MOTHER DAIRY FOODS Dismantling and installation of rusted chimney of ht. 30.5 mtr and installing identical chimney in position
20 2008 KIRAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS Installation of 2 lac kcal/hr TF heater with booster pump for surgical hand gloves application
21 2008 BHARAT BIJLEE LTD. Elimination of economizer with direct feeding of condensate to boiler
22 2008 William Industries Installation of 2 lac kcal/hr TF heater with booster pump for surgical hand gloves application
23 2008 PURATOS FOODS Belgium based company set up its first operation in India for cream making – installed SX 850 with DI water plant including complete plant electrical panel and chilled water system
24 2009 LASONS I P. LTD. Installation of SMDH 50 with self supported chimney of 42 mtr ht. and 550 mm ID
25 2009 SASOONDOCK MATSYAUDYOG Installation of S IBR 600 kg/hr steam boiler for sea-food plant including end connection to shrimp cooker
26 2010 FORSTAR FOODS Installation of NEO 05 – S IBR shell type
27 2011 KELLOGG INDIA P. LTD. Installation of SMDH 50 with APH
28 2011 VISTA FOODS P. LTD. Installation of TPDi 04 with self supported chimney of 450 mm ID and 30.5 mtr height based on Mehtalia Specification including conversion from electrical to TF for palm oil frying application for processing of Mc Donald’s burger patty
29 2012 VISTA FOODS P. LTD. Repeat order for above system for their Madnapalle, Andhra plant for catering to South India region
30 2012 VENKATESHWARA HATCHERIES P. LTD. Similar TF system as Vista for Ranebennur plant for Venkys chicken burger patty
31 2012 HOTEL ROYAL GOLDEN TULIP Installation and commissioning of 850 kg/hr steam boiler on terrace with steam connections to kitchen and hot water for 12 storeyed 3 star hotel in Kharghar , Navi Mumbai
32 2012 H B FULLER ADHESIVES LTD. Installation and commissioning of 37 mtr structure supported chimney of 450 m dia.
33 2013 KELLOGG INDIA LTD. Installation and commissioning of 6 TPH pellet fired fluidized bed boiler with SS bunker along-with flash steam and condensate recovery system
34 2013 VISTA FOODS P. LTD .Installation of a 3rd TF heating plant for frying application near Chandigarh for Mc Donald burger patty catering to their North India market
35 2013 BLUE FIN FROZEN FOODS P. LTD. Installation and commissioning of 600 kg/hr steam boiler by connection to MEREL (Netherland) steam cooker
36 2014 KIRAN XRAY MEDICAL SYSTEMS Supply and Installation of hot air radiators for tumbler dryers and conversion from LPG fired tumbler dryer to TF heating
372014 OCEAN GLOBE CONTAINER SERVICES Installation and commissioning of 850 kg/hr steam boiler for chemical container tank washing application on turnkey basis
38 2014 THE RESORT , MARVE Installation of 600 kg/hr steam boiler and connection to various laundry equipments
39 2015 MUDRIKA SANG BONG LABELS P. LTD. Thermic piping for a printing plant with high flow system using booster pump
40 2015 HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD. Conversion from 2 TPH steam boiler to 15 lac kcal/hr high temp. hot water heater , its installation and commissioning
41 2015 VISTA FOODS P. LTD. Supply and installation of 4 lac kcal/hr briquette fired heater for their Taloja plant
42 2016 THE AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION Installation of 850 kg/hr steam boilers for their kitchens at Nashik and Palghar for feeding to Tribal children
43 2016 SCL BIRLA Installation of 4 lac kcal/hr thermic fluid heater for bulk tank containing coal tar
44 2016 USV LTD. Installation of 6 TPH Briquette / Coal fired steam boiler